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Happy, Joyous & FREE

We asked these clean and sober folks with various lengths of recovery time, what they love and gives them the most joy about being sober.


“What I love most about sobriety right now is my journey of self-discovery and how I’m getting to know myself on a deeper level, a spiritual level, and even physical, because I enjoy going to the gym. I’m in Palm Springs right now on my own doing treatment. I love the responsibility of being an adult and learning how using affects a person’s ability to grow. Everything crumbles. Nothing works. I was dependent of other people. And now I love the feeling of accomplishment when I can buy my own groceries. I have a new job and need to take care of myself and I’m able to do that in sobriety. Today I care about myself enough to not put a needle in my arm and destroy myself. The trust that I’m getting back makes me feel free from all of that. I no longer take the little things for granted. It makes me feel like a man, like an adult.”

—Joseph Johnson, sober since September 29, 2019.


“I’m a sober showgirl. Before, I needed to drink to feel beautiful and secure. Now I enjoy being present. I love looking in the mirror and loving the person I see. I see the girl I always wanted to see without any drugs. I love feeling my feelings and being present for all of it. I enjoy seeing my family being happy that they have their girl back. Before, I wasn’t present for them. I was a mess. Now I’m no longer fighting with them. Sobriety has changed my life in so many ways. I love walking down the street, knowing that I’m a transgender woman and accepting myself for who I am without any alcohol. I love my life sober and I love who I am now.”

—Azul Love Looez, sober since February, 28, 2017.


“My sobriety equals life. When I was using I was in so much fear. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t leave my house and escape my own prison. I didn’t have a life, no dreams. Today, I love everything about my life, because I’m not afraid to live it. I love helping people and that’s something I couldn’t do because I was always trying to serve myself. Being a service is a great tool to help me get out of myself. Now it’s super rewarding to actually help someone else and see the results. I’m in a committee for a convention on recovery. I have sponsees in the program. I speak at meetings. The coolest thing is my job. I work in hospice, so I get to be with people who are leaving this world and I’m a massage therapist too, so I help people that way also. My life now revolves around service and it’s really cool.”

—Ethan Hall, sober since March 7, 2018.


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