IRONY: Homophobic Wrestler’s Secret Gay Adult Film Past EXPOSED!

WWE wrestler Lars Sullivan deleted his Twitter account this week after internet sleuths on Reddit discovered that he had once done gay adult films under the name Mitch Bennett. reports Towleroad.

At issue was the fact that Sullivan was fined $100,000 this year after backlash over homophobic comments that he had once made on a forum at

They included comments about the NFL quarterback Philip Rivers, like this one: “Philip Rivers = Crybaby b*tch and is extremely gay. Most of California, especially sothern cal, is gay. Fits well. Hell ‘Philip’ is a gay name in itself!@,” reports Towleroad.

Reddit blew up after making the discovery that “Mitch Bennett” was really Lars Sullivan, which was confirmed when they spied a “DM” tattoo on the young adult film actor’s shoulder. Sullivan’s real name is Dylan Miley.


‘Homophobic’ WWE Wrestler Lars Sullivan Discovered to Be Former Gay Adult Film Actor