Prez Candidate Julián Castro Walks With LGBTQ Refugees Seeking Asylum From Mexico To The United States

(Photo: Julián Castro)

On Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro walked from Mexico to Texas over a bridge with a group of 12 asylum seekers in defiance of Trump’s zero-tolerance policies punishing refugees escaping violence in Central and South America, reports LGBTQ Nation.

Eight of the refugees were gay men and lesbians from Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The L.A. Times says all the refugees had previously been sent back to the U.S. by customs officers and told to wait in Mexico for their court dates — some had waited for four months already and knew they risked arrest and detainment by returning to the U.S. with Castro.

Castro’s return to the U.S. with them ended the same way, with them being told to return to Mexico to await their asylum hearing court dates.