Failed GOP Candidate Bishop E.W. Jackson: “Normal People Find Homosexuality Disgusting.” Pray for Him.

(Photo: E.W. Jackson)

On his radio program yesterday, right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson declared that “normal people” find homosexuality to be “disgusting” and likened Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s use of his Christian faith to a religious leader exploiting their faith to justify sexually abusing a parishioner reports Right Wing Watch.

“Of all the candidates, the one that I find the most loathsome, frankly, is Pete Buttigieg,” Jackson said, railing against the fact that Buttigieg “stood up on stage and gave a big, wet smacking kiss to his male homosexual husband, lover, whatever he is supposed to be.”

“I do find that thoroughly disgusting,” he said. “Homosexuality is not normal and normal people find it disgusting.”

“Here’s what disgusts me about Pete Buttigieg,” Jackson continued. “Unlike the other candidates who are openly and blatantly godless … Pete Buttigieg tries to couch his policy positions and his ideas and his persona as, somehow, this evangelical born-again Christian, but he has these bizarre ideas about what Christianity stands for and what it means. And I find that not only hypocritical, I find it—folks, if I may say it this way—I find it more perverse than his lifestyle.”


E.W. Jackson: ‘Homosexuality Is Not Normal and Normal People Find it Disgusting’