Outrage Over Catholic School’s REFUSAL To Accept Same-Sex Couple’s Child

(Photo: St. Ann Catholic School )

A Catholic school is facing pressure to reverse its decision not to enroll a child with married same-sex parents, reports the New York Times.

More than 1,200 people have signed a petition presented to the institution, St. Ann Catholic School in Prairie Village, Kansas, urging administrators to allow the child into kindergarten at the school, which serves students through eighth grade. Over a third of the people who had signed by Friday were parish members or had children enrolled in the school; others belonged to different parishes.

The divisions were also highlighted in comments on the St. Ann Catholic Church’s Facebook page. “Wonder how many parishioners take birth control or eat meat on Fridays,” wrote one person. “Do ANY of the student’s parents ever get divorced? Have any parishioners cheated on spouses? Sooooo hypocritical. This is why the number of followers will continue to decrease.”