Company Drops “Take Me To Church” Dancer After Homophobic RANT

(Photo: Sergei Polunin)

The Paris Opera Ballet has dropped Ukrainian-born dance star Sergei Polunin from a production of Swan Lake after he posted a homophobic and sexist rant on social media, reports Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

Polunin, 29, known as “the bad boy of ballet” who was compared to legendary dancer Rudolf Nureyev earlier in his career, attacked gay dancers in an Instagram post last month in which he urged male ballet dancers to “man up.”

“Man should be a man and woman should be a woman, that’s the reason you got balls,” wrote the dancer, who took Russian nationality in November and is a staunch admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They “need a good slap,” Polunin continued, referring to gay dancers.

The dancer, who has a huge tattoo of Putin on his chest, is also known for being the star of a video for Irish singer Hozier‘s 2015 hit Take Me To Church.

Ironically, the song is an attack on the antigay stance of the Catholic Church, and its original video had a gay couple being hunted by vigilantes.