Celebs Pay Tribute To 9-Year Old Gay Boy Who Killed Himself After Being BULLIED At School

(Photo: Jamel Myles. RIP)

A number of prominent cultural figures are paying tribute to Jamel Myles, a 9-year-old boy who took his own life as a result of homophobic bullying by his classmates, reports NME.

LGBTQ activists and celebrities such as Kehlani, Ellen Page, and Hayley Kiyoko have made public statements mourning his loss on Twitter.

R&B singer Kehlani tweeted her own message, saying: “Jamel myles’ confidence, pride, and eagerness to share his new found freedom with his parents and then classmates at 9 years old is beautiful and hope that is the memory celebrated continuously. rest in peace little warrior. the lessons here are clear.”

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