LALP Guide 2016 | The LA30



The LA30

Extraordinary leaders are ensuring our future.


The LALC has established The LA30 Program in order to identify supporters of L.A.’s leather community willing to make a commitment of at least $250 per person ($500 per couple) on an annual basis in order to assure the ongoing financial stability for the Coalition and L.A. Leather Pride.

Members of The LA30 have a high level of access and priority, and serve as an attentive liaison between the LALC and the leather community it serves.  Although The LA 30 is not a governing body or have any ongoing obligations other than their contributions to the work of the LALC, they are a valuable resource for all matters related to the LALC and L.A. Leather Pride Week related activities

We thank the following individuals for their annual support:

Founder’s Legion Members

  • Jim Neuman—Leadership Gift
  • Doug Beardslee and Andrew Bassi
  • Dr. Lawrence Burden and William Terrell
  • Randy Carmenaty in Memory of Bob Tomasino
  • Kevin C. and Brian D.
  • Carlos Dievez and Tom Mathie
  • Steve Ganzell
  • Mike Gerle and Garret McClure
  • Steve Harman
  • Charlie Matula and Hunter Fox
  • Marlon Morales
  • Jon Wright and Eric Womack


  • Esteban Jimenez and Leo Iriarte
  • Jeffrey Erdman and Xavier O. Espejo
  • Lou Romano

New Members for 2016

  • Michael Lara and Dennis Schulte
  • “Daddy Don“ Anspauch
  • Barry Burg
  • John Freeman
  • Apolonio E. Muñoz III

Honorary Members

  • Eric Paul Leue
  • Robert Green
  • Dave Rhodes
  • Patrick Smith and Michael Milenitza