Ginger FEVER [cover feature]


Dancer and muscle jock underwear model Eddie Eduardo talks to DJ Dan DeLeon about his love for LA, upcoming dance events and how being ginger has its advantages.


If there was an award for rebranding the ginger male stereotype—Eddie Eduardo would definitely be a top contender. The Brazilian born LA-based dancer and muscle jock underwear model has quickly become a fan favorite at dance parties and events in and out of California; he most recently performed at NYC Pride last month.

In an interview with THE FIGHT Eduardo talks to world renowned DJ, event promoter and filmmaker Dan DeLeon about his love for Los Angeles, upcoming dance events and how being ginger has its advantages.

Eddie Eduardo you are on fire these days! It’s so exciting to see you doing so well—and what’s more—to see you doing what you love! I’m curious about your beginnings in dance.

I remember at the age of 5 getting on my parents’ coffee table—listening to Madonna—and doing choreography for it. I started taking dance lessons when I was 11 years old. When I was older I would go to gyms because the dance instructors would invite me to dance with them and after a while I starting performing in clubs that played that kind of music.

Where does dancing take you? Does it feel like work or does it feel like fun?

When I dance I feel this intense energy and I can’t stop moving. Feels like every part of my body reacts to the beats. Having said that, I always keep in mind that is work, I try to show technique and variety, I need to be on point and make people wanna jump up. When I’m not working I couldn’t care less how I look and I can be pretty silly.

“[Growing up in Brazil] was rough, I would be called all kinds of names even before I understood what being gay meant. I was a very late bloomer, I was still playing with toys while my classmates were losing their virginity…”


How would you describe your childhood, growing up in Brazil?

It was rough, I would be called all kinds of names even before I understood what being gay meant. I was a very late bloomer, I was still playing with toys while my classmates were losing their virginity… I only started dating a boy after I was done with high school… When your sex life isn’t up for discussion, it makes you very sad and guarded. Thankfully that time in my life is over with.

You moved to Los Angeles in 2013. How did you break into dance here?

It was never something I thought I would do professionally in the states, but it came down to “I need money and I can dance.” So I started talking to other dancers like Jacob Hoxsey and Brandon Grimm, they gave me advice and when I decided to do it, I decided to REALLY do it. The first place that hired me—fired me—saying I wasn’t what they were looking for… Paul Nicholls was the first one to really give me a chance and book me for all his events, and then people started to notice me and tell me I was really good and they wanted me to work at their parties and since then it’s been non stop. I’m very grateful for every opportunity I had.

I’ve seen you more and more at different events locally and around the country, on stage and in countless photos. So I have to ask you this—how does it feel to be the hot new ginger on the block? You know we all love sexy gingers like you!

[Laughs] …  I’ve been very blessed and I have been working a lot. Being a ginger sets me apart from everyone else in the looks department, I’m usually the only one when I’m dancing at a party… And it’s definitely what people know me for. In Brazil it was never a good thing being a redhead, but in America, people like it. I just feel very grateful that so many people appreciate it.

Are there any events you aspire to possibly dance for in the future?

I want to dance in Spain. The parties there are the wildest and the music out of control, I’d love to work at Circuit Barcelona. In America, I would love to do WE Party—they bring dancers from Europe and it’s a different style. It’s slower and more posy. When I’m at a WE party, I always stop for a second to watch the dancers.

Are there any other nightlife events or nightclubs that inspire you—that have nothing to do with work?

There is a place in Los Angeles that I have never worked in but it’s one of my favorite places to go to: Reload After Hours. The music is flawless. When I go there, I know I’m gonna have an amazing time and it’s such a joy to be with my closest friends turning it out behind the Dj, I have so many happy memories there.

I moved to LA as a child and it’s left an indelible mark on me. I absolutely love LA! How do you like living and working in Los Angeles? What are some of your favorite things about the city? What makes Los Angeles special for you?

Los Angeles is my town, I love being here, by the ocean… I grew up going to the beach, I’m a swimmer and I need the water in my life. I have all my friends here—and my friends are my family… And we kiki, we throw amazing parties all the time and because it’s LA—we always have great spaces to do it.

So where can we find you next? Where can all of us ginger loving dance addicts get to see more of your moves? Is there anything else you’re working on or planning on that you want to share with our readers?

I’m very superstitious about work so I don’t like to say anything until it’s official, but I have been booked for some great events. In July, LA people should get ready for a great party happening toward the end of the month. In August I’m flying to the east of America to work at a party I have always wanted to work in. In September you better trust and believe I’ll be bringing it during Labor Day. I’m definitely looking forward to these events.


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