Living Art


“ART 4 Empty Store Fronts.” One man’s noble quest to increase the presence of art in Los Angeles.


Sadly, quite a few stores in the Los Angeles area are vacant, waiting to be rented, leaving  behind a rather unseemly promenade of empty store fronts. However all that may very well change in the near future—if art producer Ulrik Neumann ( gets to realize his dream.

ARTSHOP has teamed up with local commercial real estate agents and landlords, offering to utilize empty store fronts for art displays until a new renters have signed a new lease.

“It will enhance the overall look of the city, welcoming more visitors. Instead of bleak and boring empty stores, you will find vibrant, colorful ART by local artists like Carla Koulajian, Andre Miripolsky, Raton, Todd Williamson, Joe Schmelzer, Matt Borkowski, Christine Zion  and Jonathan D Schulte and others,” Neumann told THE FIGHT last month.

Everyone benefits, states Neumann. “In addition to providing an exciting new way to market vacant properties to potential tenants—this project also offers emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit their work, while increasing the presence of art in the community,” says Neumann.

To support “ART 4 Empty Store Fronts” visit their kickstarter campaign at: