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A non-surgical, quick, painless treatment for hemorrhoids.

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids are a taboo topic of conversation—not a typical Sunday night dinner discussion. For the most part, people are embarrassed or fearful to seek medical treatment and opt to purchase over the counter creams that only temporarily treat the symptoms and not the underlying problem.

The truth of the matter is that symptomatic hemorrhoids are very common in the United States, as approximately 50% of the population will suffer from hemorrhoids by the age of 50.

Common causes are thought to include constipation, diarrhea, long periods of sitting, a sedentary lifestyle, mechanical trauma, heavy lifting, and obesity.

Common symptoms include itching, bleeding, swelling, soiling, prolapse and at times sensation of incomplete evacuation. If hemorrhoids are left untreated, they can potentially become progressively worse with time.


An excellent treatment for hemorrhoids is rubber band ligation with the CRH O’Regan System®. This non-surgical, painless procedure doesn’t require any prep or sedation and it takes only a few minutes to perform.  The physician places a small rubber band around a portion of the hemorrhoid where there are no nerve endings, cutting off the blood supply, causing it to fall off within a couple of days.

Joel A. Sach M.D., a UCLA trained, Board Certified Gastroenterologist, highly recommends this treatment as it allows him to treat his patients in the office setting without the need for any “cutting” or “suturing”  nor the  need for messy bowel preps or unnecessary anesthesia. “My patients love it” says Dr. Sach, “the best part is that it’s non-surgical, painless and quick—they can go back to work right away!”


This safe and effective procedure allows 99% of hemorrhoid sufferers to be treated.  The potential complications of pain and bleeding are rare (less than 1%), the recurrence rate is very low (5% at 2 years) and the procedure is covered by most insurance plans.

“After my bandings, I am now 100% symptom free for the first time in six years!  I am completely back to normal and my quality of life has vastly improved.  The procedure itself is painless and I cannot tell you how much this procedure has changed my life.  My only regret is that I wish that I had this procedure 6 years ago!” exclaims John C.

Dr. Sach received his medical degree from USC School of Medicine.  He then completed a three-year residency program in Internal Medicine at the prestigious Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  After his residency, he went on to complete 3 years of subspecialty training in Gastroenterology at UCLA.  Dr. Sach has been in private practice in Tarzana, CA since 2004 and has won numerous awards and recognitions for his compassionate and outstanding medical care.

For additional information visit Dr. Sach’s website at www.doctorsach.com or simply call 818.217.1114 to book your appointment today!