Andrew Rannells Reveals Being Force Kissed By Catholic Priest

(Photo: Andrew Rannells)

Actor Andrew Rannells has opened up about how, in the year before his graduation, a Catholic priest twice forced open-mouthed kisses on him, reports Gay Star News.

The star shares the encounters, as well as his experiences of growing up in the Catholic church in Nebraska, in his new memoir, Too Much Is Never Enough – an excerpt of which has been posted on Vulture.

After a public confession with the priest (he gives the alias “Father Dominic”), Andrew remembers how “he hugged me tightly. I felt safe and heard and understood. Then, with un- expected force, he kissed me. On the lips.”

“He muscled his tongue into my mouth and held the back of my head still. Then he released me and made the sign of the cross on my forehead. He smiled.”