Wrangler Weekend Los Angeles

WWLA: Country Western Ball & Dance Workshops, July 27–29 at The Garland.

The L.A. Wranglers is a group of performing line dancers who hold a passion for all things country. This award-winning dance troupe, formed over 16 years ago by Rick Dominguez, has maintained a presence in the LGBTQ community, performing at numerous pride, rodeo, and fundraising events.

The L.A. Wranglers have recently incorporated into the nonprofit organization Wranglers Los Angeles Dance Association. WLADA is dedicated to supporting and promoting country-western dance for the Los Angeles LGBTQ community through instruction, performance, and special events, such as Wrangler Weekend Los Angeles.

WWLA is LA’s annual three-day country-western dance conference offering dance workshops, social dancing, performances, and more! This event, taking place July 27–29 at The Garland, supports the country-western LGBTQ community and its allies in the Los Angeles area. 

For more info visit: www.thelawranglers.com. Use promo code THEFIGHT for 15% off your advanced registration.