Buckle Up

Amanda Lepore puts the pedal to the metal in sultry new single, “Buckle Up.” The first release from her upcoming LEPORE. ep.


Get ready, you’re in for a bumpy ride says Amanda Lepore in “Buckle Up,” the first single from her soon-to-be-released LEPORE. ep.

The flirty and playful song, with its burlesque, retro-pop swing, is the first original solo release from the world’s mega-famous transsexual since “I…Amanda Lepore,” her acclaimed 2011 album debut that featured the smash hits, “My Hair Looks Fierce,” “Champagne,” “Turn Me Over” and “My Pussy.”

The song is sexy, bubbly, and takes on the night like me.”

“My goal with ‘Buckle Up’ is to whip naughty boys and girls around and leave ‘em asking the questions they don’t want their mothers knowing the answers to,” coos Lepore.

“Buckle Up” was written and produced by RedTop (“Convertible”), Knifekick, Ted Ottaviano (Book Of Love), DJ Angelo “Pepe,” indie-pop ingenue Megan Vice and Lepore’s long-time musical collaborator, Bill Coleman from Peace Bisquit.

“The song is sexy, bubbly, and takes on the night like me,” Lepore continues. “And just as I am easy on the eyes, ‘Buckle Up’ is easy on the ears.”

Amanda Lepore’s “Buckle Up” is being distributed by Peace Bisquit and is available for download now by pre-ordering LEPORE., releasing February 2018.

“Buckle Up” is available on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and Amazon.