REACTIONS To Pete Buttigieg Ending His Historic Presidential Race

Towleroad has posted reactions by celebs and politicians to Pete Buttigieg’s announcement that he is withdrawing from the race.

Joe Biden tweeted: @PeteButtigieg ran a historic, trail-blazing campaign based on courage, compassion, and honesty. We will be a better country for his continued service. This is just the beginning of his time on the national stage.

Elizabeth Warren: Thank you, @PeteButtigieg. I know you’ll continue giving back and serving our country for many years to come.

Mia Farrow tweeted: Thenk you @PeteButtigieg. You are an inspiration. Please come back for next election.


Andrew Yang: Pete Buttigieg ran an awesome campaign that catapulted him from unknown mayor to top-tier contender. It was only possible because Pete is a world-class talent who represents the future of our country. He is only getting started. Congrats on an incredible run.