The Community | 09.2015

TheCommunity0915_My12stepstore Turns12

Giving BACK

My 12 Step Store turns 12.


My 12 Step Store—the 12-step recovery-related boutique—located in the heart of West Hollywood, celebrates 12 years of love and service in September, during National Recovery Month.

The store, specializing in celebrating the journey of recovery, with unique and edgy recovery-related gifts, books, jewelry, apparel, specialty medallions, 12-step meeting chips, and much more, originally opened in September of 2003 on Sunset Boulevard and Wilcox Ave, in Hollywood, before transitioning to 8730 Santa Monica Boulevard in WeHo, where it stands today and continues to serve many walks of lives who are afflicted by addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, love, food, and co-dependency…to name a few, as well as the people who support those they love in recovery.

“The entire store is a miracle,” My 12 Step Store founder and director of marketing and outreach, RJ Holguin, tells THE FIGHT.

“I set out 12 years ago on this journey as a way to simply stay connected to recovery and give back. Over the years, it’s taken turns beyond my wildest dreams. Along the way, I’ve realized there is a far bigger force than any of us,” says Holguin, who recently celebrated 29 years of continuous sobriety.

My 12 Step Store, run by individuals in recovery, is also home to the exclusive “Speaker Water” for people who speak at meetings.

A recent line of mints (RESENTmints, AMENDSmints and Sober Kisses Mints) have also been added the list of unique sober gifts and the “You Are Not Alone” sign remains lit 24/7, as a beacon of hope to anyone who might have a problem with addiction.


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