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Microchip Your Dog

Get peace of mind—microchip your pet at Animal Medical Hospital of Pasadena.


Each year thousands of pets become separated from their owners, from the gardener leaving the gate open to slipping off a leash or simply running away.

A microchip is similar in size to a grain of rice. It is implanted between the shoulder blades just under the skin. The procedure is very quick and similar to giving a vaccine.

Each microchip has its own identification number. This number along with the owner’s information, pet information and emergency contact is added into a national pet registry. Most animal shelters as well as veterinary hospitals have electronic scanners which detect and read these chips. If a pet is found and brought in to either the animal shelter or a veterinary hospital, the pet is automatically scanned. If a microchip number appears, the national pet registry is called and the owner contacted.

Ask Animal Medical Hospital of Pasadena about microchipping your pet and possibly saving their life.

Animal Medical Hospital of Pasadena is a large, modern facility that offers a wide range of services.

They are a full service veterinary clinic offering comprehensive diagnostics, as well as full medical and dental care. They have three full-time veterinarians and a great support staff who are very compassionate and dedicated to their patients, your pets.

Whether it’s an emergency or regular preventative treatment Animal Medical Hospital of Pasadena is the best choice for quality veterinary service.

Be sure to ask them about their low-cost spay and neuter clinic!

Animal Medical Hospital is located at 2116 E. Colorado Blvd. In Pasadena.
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