Make A Difference

happy father hugging his daughter over white background

Become a foster parent or an adoptive family for a child who needs to be loved and deserves the opportunity to thrive.


“There are 20,000 children in LA County that need our help,” states Chanel Boutakidis, Executive Director of Five Acres, a non-profit organization that has been serving families and children in the surrounding communities of Los Angeles since 1888.

“There are sibling sets, babies, toddlers, tweens and teenagers; each with their own unique personalities and in desperate need of a safe, loving and forever family,” reveals Boutakidis. “You can help by either taking the steps to become a foster family to give these children temporary respite while they are in waiting or by becoming an adoptive parent.”

“Making the step towards fostering and adoption is a big commitment… I want the LGBT community to know you can help in many ways based on your current ability,” states Boutakidis.

“If you have an hour a week you can come to Five Acres and volunteer as “a special friend/mentor” to a child. If you have a month come and commit to a project. If you have a year, think about becoming a foster parent or respite parent for a child waiting for permanency. And if you do have a lifetime, become an adoptive family for a child who needs to be loved and deserves the opportunity to thrive.”

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As a means of educating the public about the need for permanent placement of the 20,000 children in foster care in Los Angeles, Five Acres is hosting an event on Thursday, November 6 to announce their permanency campaign tied to National Adoption Awareness month in November and unveil a unique artistic project, dubbed, Boy 5A.

Boy 5A is a four foot rendition of a four year old boy, commissioned by Five Acres and constructed by a local Pasadena sculptor. He will be revealed at the event and then installed in seven different lobbies, courtyards, main office buildings and “fostered”(sponsored) by Five Acres corporate partners.

Boy 5A will be on public view until the last week of December until he is “adopted” and thus culminating their annual permanency campaign. The event’s purpose is to bring awareness to the foster care crisis and to bring corporate partners, supporters, donors and community leaders together.

For more information or to get involved call 626-773-3809.