STOP THE PRESSES! Former “Conversion” Therapist: I’m “Choosing To Pursue Life As A Gay Man”

(Photo: David Matheson)

A Utah-based proponent of the medically denounced practice of so-called gay conversion therapy has announced that he identifies as gay, reports Curtis M. Wong at The Huffington Post.

David Matheson, a practicing Mormon, told the LGBTQ nonprofit Truth Wins Out that he has “embarked on a new life-giving path that has already started a whole new growth process.”

“I continue to support the rights of individuals to choose how they will respond to their sexual attractions and identity,” he added. “With that freedom, I am now choosing to pursue life as a gay man.”

Still, reports The Huffington Post, he didn’t denounce his participation in the conversion therapy movement, adding, “What you can take from this is that my time in a straight marriage and in the ‘ex-gay’ world was genuine and sincere and a rich blessing to me.”