Stand with Your Black Family! Trans Rally in Los Angeles. TONIGHT!

It is time that we begin to take action regarding the murders of Trans Black Women. Please join Unique Woman’s Coalition, FLUX, TransLatin@ Coalition, Gender Justice LA and Community Stakeholders for a rally, calling on our siblings and allies to stand with your black family.

We are just past half the month and we have lost 3 trans people to hate motivated violence. In the U.S. there is an average of 2 hate motivated murders per month of Trans identified people. Black Trans women continue to lead the list in this escalating crisis an accounted for 19 of the 25 murders in 2018. This is special poignant in month of May, this month we celebrate Mothers, but three Mothers mourn their babies.

1) Michelle Simone, of Washington DC, was shot and later died at the hospital

2) Clair Lagato, of Cleveland Ohio, was shot and later died of her wounds at the hospital

3) Muhlaysia Booker, Of Washington DC, was found dead on arrival in the streets of Dallas.

Muhlaysia Booker had made headlines after being beaten by a mob in Dallas in the month of April, many attribute retaliation as the motive for her murder early in the hours of Sunday. Muhlaysia had the courage to speak up against her attackers and even addressed the issue of violence against trans communities in a press conference in April.

WHERE: Los Angeles CA City Hall
WHEN: Friday May 24th at 6pm