Express Yourself

Musician, model Christian Jaymes: “Your dream is one day away. Don’t fail the daily test.”


ChristianJaymes, 26, came to Los Angeles two years ago to “pursue music, modeling and establish my influence.” With flowing long hair, perfectly curated brows and a smile that lights up the LA Public Library, Jaymes is on the path to manifesting the life he knows is meant for him. But it hasn’t always looked this way. 

“I feel very fortunate that I didn’t have a suitcase when I came out here.. it allowed me the chance to have myself,” he reveals in an interview with THE FIGHT.

“You have to build from what you have,” he states. Jaymes stayed in laundry rooms, staircases, “everything to not be seen on these streets.” Now, he is able to access a place to sleep and shower before waking up every day to network and build his dreams. “[My purpose is] to entertain and cause awareness…I want to have an impact on my men…In a world where everyone is the big boss, there is a lot of power in being submissive.” 

Part of that influence is showing up as a gender-non-conforming individual: “[My expression is] everything. Because without getting that experience to express yourself, the world can be bland… If you put yourself out there as different, you’re putting yourself in a position to be respected in a different way…love it or hate it!” 

In a world where everyone is the big boss, there is a lot of power in being submissive.”

If you ask Christian about his pronouns, he’ll say without fail: “anything you want me to be…if I am okay with however people see me, I have less weight on my shoulders and put myself in a position to be more open to however people are going to choose to see me.” 

That being said, Christian recognizes the responsibility of representing a group of individuals who have fought to be where they are: “because being the person that stands out, I have to know that people are watching me and if I mess up and do the wrong thing…[I’m] representing those that take time out of their lives to build that community.”

In his own music, Jaymes says that he wants to shed a light on issues the mainstream may not often bring to focus: racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Jaymes’ advice for up-and-coming artists: “Life is a game of give and take. The answer is in yourself: but, sometimes people in your life will share something that maybe you hadn’t thought of… Learn to express yourself in ways not only for yourself but for others who may not be able to express themselves the way you can…When you help others is when you help yourself.”

And remember: “Your dream is one day away. Don’t fail the daily test.” 

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