Designing Women Creator’s Illuminating TAKE DOWN Of Les Moonves Would Have Made Julia Sugerbaker Proud

(Photo: Designing Women cast)

In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter – Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason, one of CBS’ biggest hitmakers, reveals the disgraced mogul kept her shows off the air for seven years. 

“This is not the article you might be expecting about Les Moonves,” writes Bloodworth Thomason.  “It’s not going to be wise or inspiring. It’s going to be petty and punishing. In spite of my proper Southern mother’s admonition to always be gracious, I am all out of grace when it comes to Mr. Moonves. In fact, like a lot of women in Hollywood, I am happy to dance on his professional grave. And not just any dance — this will be the Macarena, the rumba, the cha-cha and the Moonwalk.”

The Designing Women creator writes that she “never sexually harassed or attacked by Les Moonves. My encounters were much more subtle, engendering a different kind of destruction.”