Life Lessons | 08.2016


“Being a ‘daddy’ is about teaching the younger generations what little I have learned along the way.”


DJ, promoter and landscape designer Victor Rodriguez, 49, tells THE FIGHT that his understanding of the term “daddy” “is about being of a certain age teaching the younger generations what little I have learned along the way and trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.”

“It’s about passing down life lessons for those who care to hear them. The thing is that I also in turn learn so much from the younger generation. Mutual benefits, really.”

Currently in “an an open relationship with a very handsome and smart young man,” Rodriguez says that his coming out process was relatively easy.

“I have a gay brother and cousin who are close in age and went to the same school as I, and we all sort of came out at the same time, but never really had a big to do about doing so… it was the early 80s and we were new wave kids, dressing up and wearing makeup, so with our parents, they never really seemed too upset, they just thought we were weird and crazy. I guess I was blessed to have a very uneventful coming out story.”

When asked if there is anything else he would like to share Rodriguez reveals “I have a terrible memory, like REALLY BAD,  so If I have a hard time remembering your name or even that we met ( 5 or 6 times ), or have been friends for 25 years, or a family member, and still don’t remember, please forgive me—and remember—I’m old.”

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