LALP Guide 2016 | The Masters Of Ceremonies


The Masters Of Ceremonies

Ben MacLean and Jonny McGovern are your hosts for The 17th Annual Mr. LA Leather Contest, Saturday April 2, 2016 at the historic Globe Theater in Downtown LA’s Broadway Theater District. 


LALP2016_0316_Masters_BenMacLeanBEN MACLEAN

Ben MacLean is a Canadian comedian and emcee who has been living in Berlin for six years, where he’s quickly made a name for himself with his witty delivery and likeable charm. He’s performed in London, Edinburgh and Barcelona, in addition to recently completing a tour of western Germany.

LALP2016_0316_Masters_JonnyMcGovernJONNY McGOVERN

Hey Qween! host and producer, TV personality and comedian Jonny McGovern is known nationwide as a cast member of LOGO’s “Big Gay Sketch Show.” Jonny’s comedy music videos as the naughty yet gay-empowering character “The Gay Pimp” have been enjoyed by millions, including the worldwide viral hit “Soccer Practice” which has been downloaded over five million times.

LALP2016_0316_Masters_HiFashionHI FASHION

Special musical guests include Hi Fashion, an electropop duo, consisting of Jen DM and Rick Gradone. The band’s music features electronic, upbeat pop songs. Currently, Hi Fashion has released two EPs, their debut, “Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion?” and 2013 follow-up “You Are Gorgeous.”