The Washington Post: The “Ex-Gay” Christianity Movement Is Making A Quiet Comeback In California

“Today, many of the once-thriving ex-gay ministries are gone. But that doesn’t mean the ideas aren’t still taking hold in churches across the country and, thereby, endangering the lives and well being of a new generation of Christian young people,” warns Jonathan Merritt at The Washington Post.

One example – cites Merrit – is the Bethel Church, a mega-congregation based in Redding, Calif., with a popular worldwide worship music brand, may be trying to fill that void. It recently launched its “Changed” ministry for “friends who once identified as LGBTQ+.” Bold letters on its sleek website’s homepage claim, “We Believe: Changed is Possible.” The site includes a shop complete with T-shirts, stories from people who purport to have been converted from homosexuality, a coffee-table book and, of course, a donation tab. The ministry is poised to launch a series of events and is using #OnceGay to identify supporters online.