“Ex-Gay” Conversion Leader Comes Out, BEGS For Forgiveness

(Photo: McKrae Game)

McKrae Game, founder of the gay conversion group “Hope for Wholeness,” has come out as gay and formally apologized for his role in a movement widely condemned as ineffective and harmful to LGBTQ+ individuals, reports TPM.

“I WAS WRONG!” Game wrote in a Facebook post last week. “Please forgive me!”

Game, who spent decades working in the anti-gay therapy movement before coming out as gay himself in June, wrote that “creating the organization that still lives was in a large way causing harm.”

In an interview with the Post and Courier published on Sunday, Game condemned conversion therapy as a “lie” and “false advertising.”

“I created it all,” he said. “We have harmed generations of people.”


Ex-Gay Conversion Leader Blasts ‘Very Harmful’ Practice After Coming Out As Gay