Watch ‘Hi Stranger’ at the End of Every Hard Day

These are dark and troubled times. And the effort to stay informed about all the chaos in the world (much of it emanating from our own capital) can leave one feeling drained and defeated. In such an environment self-care becomes a necessity, but if you are anything like us here at The Fight central redoubt in beautiful Koreatown,

Hi Stranger from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

So can we talk about whatever that was? It was amazing, obviously. Beautiful and soothing in in this really unexpected way, but also kinda creepy. Maybe even slightly sinister? It also begs so many questions, like “Who/what is this creature, and how do they know us?”

Is it an alien? Sunsets like that don’t happen anywhere around these parts. And I hate to be cynical, but if I met an alien who was this nice to me I’d spend the whole encounter bracing for them to eat my face.

Is it (a) god? I mean, it made a tree, (seemingly for kicks/to impress us) and the fabrication of life out of nothing is usually a skill set reserved for the divine. But they’re certainly not a god I’ve ever read about; no beard, no thunderbolts, they didn’t even turn into a swan! But then again, if there is a god, wouldn’t you want them to be like this? Just supportive, and kind, and endlessly loving?

‘Hi Stranger’ is the creation of Kirsten Lepore, creator of many worlds both strange and beautiful. You can get lost in them HERE.