Building The Bonds Of Brotherhood


This year’s LA Leather Pride theme is dedicated to the “only in LA” aspirations and accomplishments of the LA Band of Brothers.


LA LEATHER PRIDE 2014, (with events taking place this month, March 23-30), will be a full week crammed with bigger, wilder, and hotter events than ever.

The theme this year: “Building the Bonds of Brotherhood”—is dedicated to the “only in LA” aspirations and accomplishments of the LA Band of Brothers, an incredible group of men who represent all of the winners of all of the feeder contests over the last 14 years leading up to the Mr. LA Leather title.

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition is proud to announce that in 2014, for the second year in a row, proceeds in excess of operating costs and reserves will go to three deserving local charities:  Project Angel Food, One National Gay and Lesbian Archives and the Tom of Finland Foundation.

Events throughout the week include: Chariots of Fire- Leather Ride II” motorcycle run through the streets of LA sponsored by Payasos and the Satyrs; the Road to Mr LA Leather” kickoff party and number draw at the Bullet Bar to introduce the contestants; a classy VIP reception at the Tom of Finland House for Olympus level packet holders; “Hell on Wheels” leather/fetish roller skating party sponsored by Payasos; “Prowl and Growl” (meet and greet) party sponsored by Bears LA; “The Assembly,” the largest gathering of uniform devotees on the West Coast jointly sponsored by California B & B, the Regiment of the Black & Tans and BLUF at Rough Trade in Silver Lake; the Cigar Social at the Eagle LA, and of course, the selection of Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014.

For locations, dates and times of events go to THE CALENDAR in this issue, page 44 – or visit for schedule updates and more information.