The Talk


“I was emasculated, I was humiliated, and at that time, no one was coming forward…”

Sordid Lives actor Jason Dottley telling The Advocate last month that renowned TV and music manager Benny Medina attempted to rape him.

Make Her Realize

“He looked at a woman standing next to me… pointed to me and said: ‘You should fuck her to make her realize she’s gay,’”

Ellen Page, in  a Facebook post, on how X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner outed her in a lewd, public way on set.

Celebrate You

“Discrimination is a disqualifier… we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it.”

Danica Roem, the first openly transgender person to be elected to the Virginia legislature, in her victory speech, last month.

Tweets Are Horrible

“To every single person who is hurt, offended and disappointed: I’m sorry. The tweets are horrible.” 

Josh Rivers, former editor of Gay Times, in a tweet last month. Rivers was fired when it emerged he had previously posted a series of racist and transphobic tweets.

Worth Fighting

“That voter-to-voter contact really made a difference … It was worth fighting for.”

—Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman, a 26-year-old lesbian, after winning a seat in west Tulsa, Oklahoma’s  conservative Senate District 37, last month.

Action Of Mine

“I am deeply sorry if any action of mine was ever misinterpreted … as being sexually aggressive.”

—Former Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, after being accused of sexual harassment. Tambour left the show amid the allegations.

The Very Idea

“Those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful.”

George Takei on Facebook last month denying a former model’s sexual assault claim.