The Talk


“As Americans, men, women, LGBTQ, all of us have the human right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And if you think people got mad when they thought the government was coming after their guns, wait till they come and try to take away our happiness!”

Meryl Streep, speaking at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2017 Greater New York Gala dinner last month, where she accepted the National Ally for Equality Award.


“It’s unfortunately not surprising to me at all, and it’s kind of predictable and seems so transparent that this is an administration that doesn’t fucking care about transgender people.”

—Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace on the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw Obama-era protections for transgender students, to Rolling Stone magazine.


“This … decision by the Trump administration to withdraw guidance to schools about how to protect transgender students reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the federal role in protecting the civil rights of students… Worse yet, it confuses states and school districts, and puts real, live children at greater risk of harm.”

—Former President Obama’s Education secretary Arne Duncan in a Washington Post op-ed last month.


“What kind of a bully looks for the most vulnerable person they can find to attack? If you are a transgender teenager, high school is a complicated and intimidating.”

—South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg during the Democratic National Committee debate in Atlanta last month. Buttigieg said the decision to reverse protections for transgender students would make things even harder for “one of the most vulnerable parts of America’s population.”


“It doesn’t matter where you were born, who you voted for, red or blue, whether you’re white, black, or brown, or all the colors in the identity rainbow—this is our time to resist… It is our time to show up and demand answers. It’s our time to tell our elected officials to do their job.”

Jodie Foster at a rally last month, organized by the United Talent Agency outside of their Beverly Hills headquarters. United Talent Agency held the rally in lieu of its annual Oscars party, pledging to donate $250,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union. 


“I was well aware of the civil rights struggle for African-Americans but did not realize that simultaneously there were other movements going on under the umbrella of civil rights… There was the women’s rights movement, the gay liberation movement and the fight against racism within the gay rights movement. Being in this series has been so educational for me.”

—Actor Jonathan Majors in an interview with Chicago Sun Times on his role in When We Rise, the ABC miniseries that chronicles the birth of the gay liberation movement, beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969. Majors plays activist Ken Jones in his younger years.


“That underwear scene where he stands up, sits down and he… even puts it in order… I saw that movie back then like eight times and I didn’t know why… I’m sure we’ve met, but no, I never told him, ‘You’re my first crush!’”

Ricky Martin on seeing John Travolta strut his stuff in the 1970s disco classic Saturday Night Fever, to Andy Cohen on a recent episode of  Watch What Happens Live!